Corporate Identity

The Identity process is a combination of investigation, strategic thinking, design excellence and extensive project management.

Whether you are designing a company logo or a brandmark for a consumer goods product, the brand identity process goes from the literal through symbolic, from word-driven to image-driven, the world of brandmarks expands each day.

AW believes a brandmark should do more than reflect a business or product’s “personality”. Effective brand design can give a company or product a focal point, tell a message through storytelling, sculpt brand essence, help define not only what a company or product does, but most importantly, what it can become.

Identity development is the implementation of a brandmark into a design program, defining the look, feel, tone, and essence of a company’s corporate identity or a product’s brand identity. Austin West avoids creating vague, abstract symbols. Instead, AW defines a company’s or product’s distinguishing brand voice, translates it into a compelling, memorable visual, and applys that brand visual to its necessary forms.